Tubulin Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A library of 3,454 potential tubulins ligands.

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Specs HTS Compounds Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A unique collection contains 210,070 diverse chemical compounds to pharmaceutical and biotechnology scientists for drug discovery.

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Serine Hydrolase Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

Serine hydrolase library is a library of 12,040 precisely selected compounds able to form covalent bonds with catalytic Serine residue.

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RNA Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A library of 9,070 compounds capable of binding to RNA has been offered.

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Protein-Protein Interaction Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A unique collection of 40,640 diverse compounds designed for discovery of novel Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) inhibitors has been offered.

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Protein Mimetics Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A set of 8,960 compounds targeting alpha-helix and beta-turn domains.

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Nucleoside Mimetics Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A library of 271 nucleoside mimetics.

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Molecular Chaperones Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

Molecular Chaperones Library comprises 2,451 synthetic compounds targeting most promising and studied targets: Heat shock proteins (Hsp90, Hsp82, Hsp27), chaperone activity of bc1 complex-like and his

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Lipoxygenase Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A set of 1,388 Lipoxygenase (LOX) inhibitors designed using docking and 2D similarity search.

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Lipid GPCR Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

A unique collection of 5,632 small molecules targeting the family of eight endothelial differentiation gene (EDG) receptors (S1P15 and LPA13) which is suitable for Lipid GPCR screening research.

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Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection_MedChemExpress (MCE)

Life Chemicals Collection of small organic molecules for high-throughput screening currently contains 465,800 off-the-shelf products. The Collection is being permanently replenished with de novo desig

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Life Chemicals 50K Diversity Library_MedChemExpress (MCE)

Life Chemicals presents a number of exclusive Pre-Plated Diversity Sets composed of 50,240 novel compounds with optimal physicochemical properties selected from Life Chemicals collection of newly synt

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